La Maison! En Ville!Les meubles de la chambre
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JEU - les pièces de la maison et les meubles
Les meubles - tic tac toe
Apprendre les pièces de la maison
JEU - La Maison!
Introduction aux activités dans la maison
Les activités dans la maison
Regarder cette video et faire des notes pour lundi, le 13 mars, 2017.

On a deja regarde cette video avant!

L'Imparfait: "Quand j'étais petit . . ." Regardez-la!Remarquez et notez sur un papier chaque fois que tu entends un verbe à l'imparfait:

You have the following four options for "La Maison."

  1. Make a 3D project or a poster of your dream house. Your house should include a minimum of six rooms and should have appropriate furniture in each. Your house must have each room or outside area labeled in French. Once it is complete, you will write a paragraph, similar to the one on page 64 in our textbook. You will have a general statement about your house. You should use three adjectives in describing your house. Tell how many rooms are in the house. Use the verb "habiter" to talk about who lives there, and then tell me what makes your house special. Watch your spelling and grammar, using your book and dictionaries ONLY. Do not use online translators or you will lose 50% of the grade. The rubric is available in class.
  2. Who lives in that dreamy house? Find the home of a famous person online using the WebQuest I designed and have posted on another website called QUESTGARDEN. The link is here: LA MAISON MERVEILLEUSE Create a presentation - either Prezi, Glogster, or Powerpoint - where you show the inside of the rooms in the house, and the outside of the house. Describe the number of rooms in the house, and use appropriate adjectives to describe the house in French. Talk about who lived there, in the present tense, using the book for help. The paragraph on page 64 should help you. You may then post that project with a link to this web page. A rubric is available in class.
  3. Create a comic strip about somebody's house, using the online site "Comic Life. Your comic strip must visit the outside and the inside of the house, and talk about the rooms. It can be funny, if you are able to talk about things you do or do not do in the house. This one will take extra work, looking at other chapters in your book such as sports, occupations, animals, etc. A rubric is available in class.
  4. Make a video of your home on a digital camera, which you can post to the wiki or e-mail to me. This video must show me the rooms of your house and the outside of your home, including your yard, garden, and garage if you have one. You must orally say the words of the rooms and parts of your house, and if you want, you may add written words on signs, or if you know how to lay it over the video. You must describe it as per #1, and must be clear in your speaking!
We will begin work on these projects on November 4, 2011, and they will be due on Tuesday, November 15, 2011.



Comic Life