King Philip High School French classes traveled to Québec for Winter Carnaval 2016. Greeted by Le Bonhomme Carnaval, we enjoyed games, frigid temperatures, a night parade, the Ice Hotel, la Chute Montmorency, les glissades derrière Le Chateau Frontenac, dog-sledding, singing and dancing, a history lesson about "La Guerre de Cent Ans" and the battle between the Marquis de Montcalm and Britain's General Wolfe, a historical scavenger hunt around town, shopping, eating, and keeping warm some more! Here's a slide show of our aventures!

This course is a "flipped classroom" course. Some nights you will be given video lessons to watch, take notes on, and study for class. Then you will come to class with your notes, do some brief exercises, learn your vocabulary, and apply it to a project of your choosing. If you haven't done this before, it might seem a little unusual, so we're going to start off with some video practice! Below, please watch a video I quickly threw together for you, telling you about my summer activities with Ashland High School. Take notes on the video, and prepare at least one or two questions about something you saw in the video for us to discuss in class tomorrow! You must write your questions in your notes to get credit for the homework - remember, skipping the video is only going to cost you time in class in the future, so you must get in the habit of watching! Enjoy this video!

School Committee Presentation: A showcase of student work 2012-13

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