Welcome Parents!

King Philip Parents:
As part of your high school student's experience in my classroom, I would like to hear from you about their participation in online learning as part of their French class. Please take a few moments to answer this survey so I can address any concerns you may have about them learning some of their lessons from me online in order to open up time for successful practice and learning in class at school!
Best regards,
Mme. Dill

You should have received a letter home from me welcoming you to this website. I use this website to teach students from home, so they can view and review the information, to study, and then to use the information to do projects and exercises at school. Students usually enjoy this format, because they are able to choose activities that use the structure of the target language they are learning in an applied way as it relates to their own learning styles! I love to see them flourish and grow. Please feel free to check out any student projects that get posted here as the year continues!

Please do me the favor of completing the attached Google Doc survey so I can best meet the accessibility needs of each student! All students are invited to stay after school to learn lessons or practice if they have limited access to the Internet. Your responses will automatically be provided to me at the King Philip Public Schools, so if you complete this survey you do not need to complete anything else! I appreciate you working with me to make this a fantastic experience for your child!

Je vous remercie!
Ellen Dill