Open House Activity
Go to
1.Click on the block on the center of page "Get Started"2. Upload a photo from one of the sites mentioned3. Click on paint brush on the left side4. Pick one of the effects you like, realizing it will only print in black and white5. Click on the submenu item “Sketcher” for the best "coloring page" setting6. Play around with the lines and warmth of the picture7. When you have a final coloring page, click SAVE; 8. Next, hit print and be sure you are using the hp1320 printer.9. (Ignore ANY AND ALL ads trying to sell you something!)10. Voilà your coloring page
Once this is done - you need to get your project prepared!
1. Color your page some fun colors; maybe your hair is green or purple, for example
2. Once your page is colored, take a sheet of paper from your binder or my filing cabinet
3. Write a paragraph draft of 6 sentences telling us who you are in French

a. Say Hello
b. My name is . . .
c. I am from . . ./I live . . . .
d. I am _ years old.
e. I am
_ physical description
f. I have _ color hair
g. I am
_ personality description
h. Nice to meet you all!

4. Review draft with a peer and teacher
5. Make a final copy; attach to colored paper and coloring sheet.
6. Turn in by Friday at the start of class.


Regardez ces videos pour une revision de grammaire!

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